My Final Goodbye to Him…



Painting Edvard Munch, my favorite artist.

Leave Love, leave me be. I can see now, I can see the end. Our time together was incandescent and epigrammatic. Our time together, merely stolen pieces of a promise to another, we will never be. You are not my future, I am not yours. Close the door, you are not here no more. I thank you for these precious moments, these glimpses into you. God!!!… How you make me laugh! God!!! The passion you have awakened! Long ago I gave up hope, I gave up wishing. I convinced myself HE didn’t exist. Then there you were. Awake, awake my heart did awake! You my dear friend are my reflection, I my dear friend, your reflection. The past became our vicious enemy. The present, our weary ally and the future was never ours to believe in. I open myself to you to reveal such pain, a pain felt from loving in vain. Harsh cruel words have we two shared, nothing, oh nothing, was left to be spared! In the midst of everything, I truly seen you. The beautiful, mystical, special qualities that make you, well you. I thank you for showing me a glimpse of you. I curse you for leaving me blue. I love the man inside of you. I hate the reasons you told me to go. My heart is hurting! My mind is reeling! I no longer want to feel this feeling! How crazy is this, I hurt and need comfort, and the only person I want to talk to is you. How can this be, how can it be? The only person to heal this, is the one that wishes me not to be. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye to you. Goodbye to the wonderful times, goodbye to all the heat of the moment passionate times. I will leave you be. I will leave you be. Do I say this to burn into my mind, or to show you surely i can leave you behind? I no longer will talk to you, I no longer will text with you, I no longer will look for you.  I take from my time with you a knowledge and hope of a dream come true. I know now I will someday find love. I know that somewhere out there is a love to stand with me through time. I know now these things will be mine. I have you to thank for that. You have helped me to see the things within me which I can change and make better, for the man that will someday capture this heart for everafter. For the one that I will share my life and laughter. Thank you friend, thank you. These things I say truly are true, and someday I will believe this too. I will move on, I will stay strong. Every time the urge for you comes to me, I will put on a mask for all to see. I will pretend you were a dream, a picture perfect, imperfect dream; I will pretend we never met. I will pretend I don’t feel regret. I will pretend until I am stronger and I want you  no longer. I will pretend… until even I believe.

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My Soul Cries


Painting by Edvard Munch

With a single word you crush me. The callous way you throw me away. The hurtful words you choose when it is me you wish to lose? How can I stay? How can I continue on, when you my love wish me gone? I try, oh my love I try, to show you in every way it is you I cannot deny. My soul is in agony. My soul cries. Only you can lift me high. Try, try, try to deny. You work so hard to disprove my cry, yet the simple truth is yours, which your soul cannot pass by. I am yours; I have been since our first hello. I am yours since our last goodbye. I cannot leave you. I cannot deny the very breathe you have breathed into this dying soul.  My mind tells me to go, just say to hell with you. My body cries out for your physical love. My soul is empty and in need of you. LIAR, LIAR!!! With each of your cruel accusations, my soul is broken. With each accusation my love is denied. I have tried, I have tried! Yet you tell me I have lied! With a heavy heart and a turbulent soul, I know now I must go, go away from him, whom my very heart doth beat. Oh the pain! Oh the anguish! Oh the senseless loss! I mourn for you. I mourn for me. I mourn for us. Each time you have whispered these cruel nothings, you have crushed me, the very essence of you. Simplicity, simplicity of love, can it all just be that simple?  Would you allow it to be so simple, so cut and dry? To you whom my heart beats, to you whom I dare not cheat. Open your eyes look beyond these so called lies; look into my eyes, into the depths of this soul. Look at me! Look at me! Damn you! Damn me! Can you see my love I do not want to go? Away from him, whom I have grown accustom, away to wander, to wander alone. Tell me my darling, tell me to stay! Tell me not to go away! Show me a sign, a sign to know, yes, yes you are mine. Stop the brutal coldness from moving in; stop the harsh words. With a single word… you have crushed me.

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To him…


This wonderful work of art was painted by Edvard Munch in the late 1800’s.

I look about me and ponder one simple question; why not me? Is the truth so plain to see, that there, yes right there it is… in front of me? There is a certain amount of doubt inside, which causes the truth to hide. Is it my internal mechanism? Fight or flight, or some other wise devise my mind did comprise? Am I preordained to remain unchained? My heart cries out for you, for he that can answer the cries of my soul, unto his. I roam alone here. Are you searching for me? Come hither darling; come here hither my darling dear. Why! Why? Why won’t these words stream out to reflect this turbulent uproar inside my being?  When two people meet there can be such perfect fusion, both parties are left in complete confusion. I have seen into your soul! In the depths of you, I dwell. You are the very perfect reflection to my own perception. I reach my hand into the distance across space and time, reach out for me my love, and let us draw nigh unto one another. Let us mix into the atmosphere together, our perpetual souls collide. Be the rhyme to my reason; let our love reach beyond any season. Come frolic in this lush valley of love, let us fly free as a dove across the heavens. I have seen the promise shine through for me and you, my love! Oh my love these words are true! If only you will allow us to be free! There is a great love, you will see. Why not me, why not you, why not us?  Is it not time? Is it not the place? If so tell me when is it the time, when is it the place? For unto every person there is a time and place to be born, so why not a time and place for us, for our love?  I offer you true acceptance, unconditional love. I offer to you the very essence of me. Across time I have cried to you, across space I have yearned for you. Join with me, mesh with me, come groove baby, groove with me. Fall into me, let me envelope you in this love and passion created for only you. You my love are my destiny, as I am yours for eternity.  I ponder this simple question: why not we?

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A New Year…



A happy New Year! Grant that I

 May bring no tear to any eye,

When this New Year in time shall end,

Let it be said I have played the friend,

Have lived and loved and labored here,

And made of it a happy year.

~Edgar Guest


With the onset of the New Year I, along with many, have searched deep within my soul.

I have looked back on the past year, sadness, angst; despair has touched my year far too often.

Yes, last year was also filled with the bright rays of laughter, happiness, and accomplishment.

But as I look to the days that now lay ahead, I am determined more than ever to take the

Words of Edgar Guest and absorb them into my life. May I bring no tear to any eyes, especially my

Own, may I at every opportunity be the best person and confidant to my friends and loved ones,

May I live each moment to the fullest of all potential, May I love to the fullest scope gifted for this

Heart, I pray that love will reach to all persons I come upon, and may every labor of mine hands and

Mind be an even superior realization than the preceding work. But most of all may I look back at this

Year that has begun, as a year that I could make a difference whether great or small… and this hope, this Prayer…

extends to you all.

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Keep Your Eyes on the Prize….

Zooooom! That was this semester zipping past you!   It seems like only last week we began our Fall 08 classes; yet the semester is over. WOW! For me it has been a really great semester. I have learned a lot. Along with book learning, I have learned a lot about myself. I learned I have what it takes to survive and thrive in the college scene. There has been some doubt along the way, but I have remained strong. This semester has brought me a long way in my path to success. Today I am happier, even healthier, due to my higher learning. I am sure many people here on campus feel the same way. Freshmen, you have all shown yourselves, as I have shown myself, we have what it takes! Sophomores and Juniors, I can only imagine the feeling of being so close to the ultimate reward, keep up the good work. Seniors, congratulations!!! You have achieved your success! Many of us aspire to the status you have earned! The close of this semester brings different meaning to all of us. We all should be proud and determined. Proud of the way we have conducted ourselves. The way we have valued our education here on this campus. Determined, that we of this generation will do great things! We have all been part of an historic election, in every sense of the word. Something so monumental happening in our time, is no coincidence, nor mistake. I hope we all will take a bit of the responsibility into ourselves and use that to empower all our actions henceforth. We all can make a difference in the lives of our fellow human beings; together we can make change happen, for the good. Let us all keep in mind, we are all equal, we are all in this together. I am proud to be a part of this change, but most of all I feel privileged to have been through this experience with all of  you.

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My 10 Top Pet Peeves…

  1. Ignorant People (especially neighbors)
  2. Being Told to Have Patience
  3. Struggling to Pay Bills
  4. Time Constraints
  5. People not Keeping Their Word
  6. Liars
  7. Burning Dinner
  8. Sink Full of Dirty Dishes
  9. People That Won’t Mind Their Business
  10. Constantly Hearing Mom When I am Working on Homework

Pet peeves are a part of life. Some people allow these little things to consume their lives. I fully admit at times I find it very hard to overlook these minuscule issues. I believe part of growing up and becoming an adult is learning how to overcome life’s little obstacles. There is no better feeling than overcoming and empowering ones self. I personally have struggled recently with trying to overcome other people’s ignorance, while I freely admit, my first raw initial reaction was to blow my top. In the end, I let a more mature reaction surface. Which allowed me to see my growth and  celebrate a victory over my more carnal self. Even better than that for that one moment in time… I won over the ignorance that tried to over take me.

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What a Moment in Time!!!

282033601What a moment in time!  As I ride on this bus trip, into Marquette, to attend class today; I finally have time to reflect on all the happenings of this past week. Such monumental moments have happened this week. Barack Obama the first man of color to win the coveted position of leader of the free world. On the other hand it is such a moment of defeat for John McCain. Almost within grasp of the reins to only fall short of realizing his dream! I cannot begin to understand his emotions. Marijuana proposal passed! This proposal will allow people another option to battle debilitating diseases. I am so grateful to the citizens of this state for stepping up and doing the right thing. Stem cell research has also won its right to be a bill. I am not really sure how people will react to this new bill once they realize their state taxes will go up, to pay for this research.  I believe that it is an important bill… I just don’t think we are in a position right now to pay for this stem cell research. We need to pay for the bank bailouts and the Iraq war, so with our pockets already being dug deep into, I am not so sure that we can stand another pocket raid. I have talked to many people today, as I rode the bus, and sat out at the stops waiting for the next to cart me off to my final destination. Everyone seems pleased at the results of this past election, but even in their pleasure they have voiced concerns for the country we all love so much. President-elect Obama’s short period of time in elected government positions, rings out consistently among the various voices I have heard today. I must admit this has also crossed my mind, but surely I tell you today we must cast these fears aside! We must support our new president and embrace him openly. He is going to need our support as he takes office and tries to navigate our country up out of the dust! The task at hand is going to be very tough on him and our country, but if we all come together and support each other and our new president, we can make it, we will succeed! This is America, the land of the free, the land of the proud, home of the brave…. YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!

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My Opinion of the Week…….

My opinion of the week is…. I have no opinion! I am just exhausted! I am fed up to the hilt with the Election 08 and cannot wait until it is over. I am tired of exam after exam… seems I am spending all my time and energy fretting over this exam or that exam. I am tired of ignorant small minded neighbors that constantly nitpick every chance they get. Do they not understand that everyone is entitled to a good, quality life, no matter their skin color, marital status, or number of children? How many times have I wanted to indulge the slightly wicked thoughts? Putting a paper bag full of dog sh*t on their doorstep and setting flame to the bag. The list goes on and on, even if I just basically admit to you today I relish these slightly wicked thoughts. The couple of minutes of laughter are a welcome retreat. After a LONG weekend of kids and Halloween I find myself sitting here at the keyboard worn out. I feel as though I have been robbed of the down time and refreshment I seek in the solace of the weekend. I have had thirteen kids at my house and have had no time to refuel. So yippee freaking skippy I find yet another Monday knocking at my door, knocking so loudly that I am fully aware there is no escape, no question about whether or not to answer the door. Like it or not Monday must be let in and greeted. So very begrudgingly I will do my Sunday night rituals, and prepare for the dawn of this new week, that I am fully unprepared for. So there it is I have only one opinion for this past week, and that is I am too tired to care enough to have an opinion.

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My Favorite Things to Debate

I love argument, I love debate. I don’t expect anyone to just sit there and agree with me, that’s not their job.

Margaret Thatcher                        

   In no specific order……..

  1. Parenting                          
  2. Love                                  
  3. Philosophy 
  4. War
  5. Music
  6. Climate Change (a new favorite one)
  7. Women’s Rights
  8. A Mish Mosh of Subjects (sorta like Grandma’s secret recipe a lil of this and a lil of that)                      
  9. Religion
  10. Politics (a new favorite of mine) 


I have always been a person that enjoys a good debate. Debates help people to discover new ideas on a particular topic, as well as educate people in new ideas and prospective concerning the topic being debated. My strengths in debates are: I have a clear, clever mind, and quick wit, I also posses the ability to be open minded about other people’s opinions. I can be very passionate about my opinions and beliefs. Hmmm my weaknesses… wow it is much harder to admit those! I would say one of my weaknesses is my need to have my voice heard, so at times I can become rather loud and boisterous. On the other hand there are times when it is hard for me to find my voice and speak out the knowledge I hold within myself. The passion that I find to be strength at times can be a double edged sword. I become so enwrapped in my passion I can sometimes forget the people around me, and forget to have apathy to my fellow debater’s points of view. I also have a very, very, low tolerance for ignorance. I find that often I cannot sit back and enjoy the other person’s point of view when it borders on sheer stupidity. I also have this overwhelming urge at times to be more dominant in a debate of words, which cannot be found to be productive is most situations. But overall I enjoy a sparring of words… what can I say, one never knows how truly satisfying, and how intellectually stimulating a good well spoken debate can be, until they hop out of the safety of the sidelines and into the great frying pan of debate. I am someone who encourages debate. Debating is a great way to help people find their voice. When debate is done correctly it can also be a powerful tool in educating and informing people. So don’t be afraid to engage in debate. As our Professor constantly reminds us….SIN BOLDLY!  DON’T BE AFRAID TO LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!

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Revelations For These Perilous Times on Earth…


So much unrest in the world today, how can we not fix our eyes on the heavens above and cry out for God’s perfect love. As I sit here in my chaise lounge, with my eyes transfixed on the computer screen, I witness the descent of the world to its knees. Empires are crumbling east to west, north to south. I surf the web through its various highways and read of destruction on every level and wonder do I dare utter the truths I know within the depths of my heart for thoughts of alienation and ridicule fill my inner mind. For you see I know the simple truth of why this world is ablaze. No I do not claim to be a wise person that can see divine things; no I am just a simple woman that believes in the truth of the Father above. Yes I know many will doubt and many will shun the things I am to say… but I tell you surely I must speak out this day. Take heed that ye are not deceived, for the time draweth near. Inhabitants of the earth heed the signs of the times… nations rise against nations, there are wars and rumors of wars, there are earthquakes, floods and famines in diverse places. There shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars, and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. Many look at people as the cause of such reasons, many blame technology for the shift of seasons. What if I just rise above and tell you this is not meant for those who love? Our world was created with such love and care, yet our world is being razed with each simple tear. How can we not drop to our knees and tell our Father it is you whom I want to please? Come closer, sit closer please, I need your full attention, for this comes without ease. There will come a time when the world and her inhabitants will all feel the unease, many more trials and tribulations shall follow… many shall become as a dead snail dry and hollow. Take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares. Humankind has become so shallow in our pursuits of self; many have fallen on their faces in many disgraces. What shall become of our races so far removed from His graces? There is only one true assurance I can give you in these times of peril and that is the just assurance there is a living, loving God and His greatest wish… that none should perish. I will not tell you the outcome is good, for this world we have loved from childhood, but I can tell you there is a calm in these perilous times, if ye seek ye shall find, a love and protection that is surely divine. No I am not some loony holy roller, nor a bible beating elite; no I am simply a woman that can no longer be discreet. I must tell all that I meet, there is a love and a safe harbor for us to greet, if only we could see there is a Father who art in heaven that walks on a golden street. Come gather round let us be as our Father intended, let us be that brave together through this stormy weather. I tell you friend as this world comes to an end there is a divine grace to be found if we all could just listen for that sound, of the truth awakening, to the dawn breaking and not ignore the Father’s harkening for his children to draw nigh… please friend don’t let His call pass you by.

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My Ideal Mate


When you get to be a certain age the characteristics of what you want in your ideal mate changes. I can remember a time in my life when what mattered most was the way a guy looked and whether he was part of the in crowd. When I look back on all those years past I could fall on the floor and laugh until I pee my pants! Let’s just say my choices were made in the sheer ignorance of youth. I would dump a guy if he wore an off colored shirt that would make his skin appear sallow, and God forgive the poor sap that would pair brown shoes with a black shirt, he would be dumped quicker than a hot coal picked up from a blazing fire! Over the years as I grew in wisdom so did my preferences in what I found to be important characteristics of a real mate. Today I much prefer an intelligent conversation over the hottest gossip. I look for stability rather than a fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy. I still prefer a man with straight white teeth and strong muscular arms, but I also prefer him to be strong in mind and character. I like a man that is assertive and confident, a man that knows where he is going and the path he must navigate to get there. I still love a guy that wears sense tingling cologne over a guy that forgoes the splash of a little cologne. I also prefer men that love children and have strong moral values… long gone are the days of not caring what a guy stands for as long as he is hot. My ideal mate is Christian and loves God more than himself. I also prefer a man that has been on his job for a long period of time… this is a testimony of his staying power and dependability. He must also love his mother, because that shows the way he feels towards women in general. I enjoy quick wit in my mate, a funny sense of humor that can make me laugh, also a man that knows how to comfort and assure me as well as allow himself to be comforted and assured. I like to be shown affection and attention by my mate. No longer do I care if he is popular with my peers and what others think about him as long as he can win my kids over… then he has me. Someone that shows compassion and humility tops my list in must haves for an ideal mate. My ideal mate is a unique individual; he thinks outside the box, he has a clever way of problem solving.  He is both passionate and can ignite my passion.  He is a warrior and defender of all things he loves and holds sacred in his heart. He is a protector of his domain. He is intellectual and a deep thinker. What I want in my ideal mate is a best friend and lover, the other half to me in which I am also his. His old fashioned traditional values will reflect mine as I reflect his. I am unsure of whom this ideal mate is and where he is at this moment but one thing is for sure….. When we find each other I will know how truly special he is… to me.

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A Woman’s Haven

My bedroom is my sanctuary, my haven. When I feel frazzled, tense or in need of some rest I can come to this woman’s haven for the peace, quiet and tranquility I seek. As I sit on my queen sleigh bed high off the ground, surrounded by an abundance of fluffy pillows, I am sipping a cool, crisp, white wine; I can taste the juicy sweet flavor of sun ripened peaches. I take the time to just soak in the ambience of this haven I have created for me and me alone, no kids, and noise, or demands. The deep, rich, hues of jewel tones I picked to adorn this room, give me a sense of comfort, warmth and serenity, I can imagine some faraway place deep in the Sahara where every person place or thing feels and seems exotic. The feel of my thick, velvety comforter and the smooth softness of my clean fresh sheets are welcome comforts against my skin at the end of a day filled with school and being a busy mommy. I look about and drink in the soft glow of the warm candle light reflecting on the many mirrors of all shapes and sizes throughout the room. I can smell the aroma of cherries and almonds from the candles, the scent fills my room, and I only have to close my eyes to go to another place where the cherry trees grow aplenty, and imagine laying under a tree nibbling on fresh toasted almonds while reading my favorite historical romance novel.  The only sounds I can hear are the soft tapping of my fingers on the keyboard and the gentle snore of my Pekingese dog Harley curled up on his plush doggie bed in the corner of my room. I am so calm and relaxed. Ready to go once again to the place where dreams are reality and morning is an illusion.

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Now that I have your full attention, kindly lend me your ears friends, neighbors and fellow patriots. All this political unrest within the borders of “my country, ‘tis of thee” has finally gone off the deep end. I will tell you at the start, I am a woman of limited ‘political’ knowledge. Due to my lack of said knowledge I am compelled to dig deeper and study harder to gain a clear understanding of all the current events in this election arena. I cannot just take what I am told at face value, not at a time so crucial. I am a young single mom trying  like hell to make a life for my family and at the same time make an informed decision while hanging  at the end of a thin rope with this whole election; with all the third grade playground tactics running rampant these days: name calling, lying, and poking fun at another person. I don’t put up with my children doing it, and most certainly not with the well educated and informed people of my country either. Our candidates along with their cohorts and cronies are so hot for our precious votes they try their best to dance to the tune of every drum; the end result is this…a ‘ Cacophony’. In their desperate dance they have become lost in the different beats, and lost sight of what brought them into this arena… America. I must admit I am so lost in the sauce I have no clue in which direction to cast my ‘precious’ vote. We are in such dark times people! We all need to unite; a house divided against its self shall not stand. Which direction will our Lady of Liberty go? Right now she is falling people, America is falling. In less than a month’s time many people will step into a booth and put a piece of their hopes, dreams, and fears into a box and walk away in prayer. So I am screaming at the top of these thirty year old lungs “WE NEED STRAIGHT ANSWERS!!!” We need someone to step out of the hazy fog and guide us to back to the time of our forefathers struggle for the birth of our homeland and the values they founded our country on. We do not need a school yard trickster in the White House. As far as the all the finger pointing goes, we all share an equal part. We eat up all the dirt, grime and garbage being tossed at us through all the different media outlets across our nation and by God we love it, our appetite is never satisfied. For instance Governor Palin has been called stupid so many times, I half expect to open my dictionary and find her picture under stupid. If she is truly as stupid as many wish to depict her, the whole state of Alaska must be some real ninnies, they voted her into office after all, and God bless them they love her! If I were a resident of Alaska I would be highly insulted and pissed at the other forty-nine states for their role in insulting me and my Governor in such a way. So I ask “how stupid can this maverick lady from Alaska be”? She is the first woman governor in Alaska’s history, she has extensive knowledge of energy, she united partisan groups in her state, all the while a mom and a wife. With just these qualifications alone, she is verified as being someone that is a pioneer, well educated and highly diplomatic, a far cry from a stupid individual. So I ask you my fellow Americans… Who came up with such an insult to her person anyways? True enough she is the low person on the totem pole when you break it down years and experience wise, but hey as I have said previously in other blogs I have wrote, we need a ‘fresh breath’ of air to revive our failing country. But I don’t want to make this ranting and raving all about her, today it’s all about my need to vent, after all this is my site.  I am just feeling a lot of apprehension about what I am hearing and reading in the news and the debates.  It seems like either way we vote we can wave adieu to politics as usual. Starting with this election and any election hence forth, we stand at the brink of a new world and a new way of running our political machines. No longer will the people sit back and let the good ole boys take us for a ride while the whole time they are smiling politely at us, assuring us things are good to go. Do I care who wins? No I don’t. Red or blue, Barack or John either way one of these guys will have a tough road ahead; there are essential repairs to be made to our economy, foreign affairs, and our federal deficit. George Bush, God love him, sure made a downright mess of things. I sure don’t envy the blood sweat and tears,  all the sleepless nights,  the many hours away from home and loved ones, the sacrifices that either Barack or John will have to make,  in an effort to clean up Mr. Bush’s mess.. I pray that our Father who art in heaven be with that man and his family, give them strength, courage and knowledge to see us through. I pray that the pursuit of walking in the truth and light gnaws at their very soul day and night. We need victory in Iraq, our troops and their families deserve for them to come home in honor and victory, but on the same page we need our troops to come home now, not later. We need our banks boosted but at the same time they need to be reprimanded for such despicable behavior. We need universal health benefits to keep our workers and families healthy, productive and thriving. We need diplomatic repair to our relations, respect, and trust overseas. We need a God fearing person to stand out from the rest, to step up to the plate and hit us a few homeruns. The rumors of more war to come keeps ringing and resounding in my head. Who has the ability to be cool, calm and collected in negotiations with Pakistan, Iran and North Korea? From the kangaroo circus I along with the whole world have been witness to, I must really truly pause and ponder that question. Come on, when a person cannot resist getting into a school yard shoot out with words, you cannot be all too confident in their abilities. Sure they paint a pretty picture with their words, but if I wanted a pretty picture I need only to look about me and the beautiful landscape that surrounds me here in Michigan, no instead I want a clear hard outline of what’s up and how we will proceed. I will tell you what, the first person that can show me a move towards unity and clarification of the issues near and dear to my heart; I will give him my ‘precious’ vote. So I declare… Halt! Cease! Desist! No more games! I simply can’t stand it any longer.



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Like watching a movie in rewind…

Here we go again, once again more uninformed uneducated opinions of vice president hopeful Sarah Palin. Ughhh! Can we not move forward past the name calling and garbage spewing? I am so sick of reading all the garbage these people on the North Wind’s writing team have to say. Who gave them an article anyways? Blah, blah, blah that’s all I read anymore! Hey get a clue, do a little research, then come back and attempt to write a good solid opinion. It seems you all jumped on a bandwagon before really deciding what was going on and what it really is about.

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My Response to Esawaka’s News Opinion of the Week

Palin… not fit for office… hmmm, I most certainly disagree. I believe anyone that can stand up and say ” everything I have said I will do in office, I will do” is far better fit to run this country over someone (Biden) that says ” there are a few things we said we would do in office that we now know we will be unable to do” WOW! So I took this as an admission that we (Obama/Biden) will say just about anything to get in office, who cares if we don’t deliver what the people want, we’re still in office. Isn’t that a slap in the face to the American people? Haven’t we been beat up enough by the leaders in our beloved country? I guess some people like the abuse, me personally I am tired of getting slapped around. As for experience… well Palin may not have been in the political arena that long, I believe that is a plus, she brings fresh perspective to the game rather than same old stale politics that have gotten us into trouble in the first place. She hasn’t been a governor long but look at all the good she has done for Alaska: Palin took on the oil industry in Alaska and reformed a corrupt system, she has made energy development, public health and safety, ethics reform, education, workforce development, and transportation top priorities, also these issues are important to all Americans. She brought partisan groups together to work for real change, which is what our country is desperately in need of right now, just look at the lack of cooperation among partisan groups in the bank bailout proposal. She has put together a Climate Change Subcabinet, which we need at a federal level. When oil and gas prices shot up dramatically, Palin sent a large part of the revenue directly back to the Alaskan people, also sususpened the state’s fuel tax. Who wouldn’t welcome such a break right about now? To me these things that were done in such a short time in office as governor only signifies the great things she can bring about in the office of Vice President. But as for the debate, Palin held her own beautifully. I love the way she caught Biden up on his stances about the war we are currently in. So to all those who were worried about her delicate position…… IN YOUR FACE!!!!

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Wake Up America!!!

Art Image by: Jaquelin Bond

While looking at this picture I became moved with emotions: anger, sadness, and fear for the country I love. The artist has captured the very essence of this turbulent time in our nation. America the proud? Right now it is so very hard to be proud of my homeland. Come on people we have men and women dying in a foreign land for a cause most do not believe in. Our banks stand on the brink of desolation. Hard working Americans are losing their homes and livelihoods. Many people find themselves working just to be able to turn the key in the ignitions of their cars. We need only to pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV sets to see what a ‘Kangaroo Circus’ our Presidential race has become! Wake up America!!! Wipe the sleep from your eyes and witness the chaos around you. We have only ourselves to blame for ‘We The People’ are the ones who have not held our leaders accountable for the state of our union. It is time for our leaders to stop all the finger pointing and accept their roles in the downward spiral we are in today. Yes, we too must accept our role in this also; after all we gave them the keys, hopped in the backseat and enjoyed the view, without considering the destination. No longer can we sit through this bumpy ride and say nothing, We the People need to hop our butts out of the back seat and drive.

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I am sure many can relate…


  • A person who stays in bed after the usual or proper time to get up.

This morning after practically staying up all night studying and doing laundry I was in no mood for the 5:30 am wakeup call from my alarm. My sister who is staying at my house while her house is being worked on heard my alarm and yelled at me “get your butt out of bed, don’t be a slugabed!” This of course got on my last nerve… sometimes it just feels so good to hit the snooze button and be a slugabed, even if for a few moments longer. I look forward to weekends when I can lay in bed, when there is no rush to get up and get on with my day. I guess at the heart of this woman lies a true slugabed.

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Next Time Your in Line, Watch Your Back!

I was surfing the web this week. Catching up on what’s going on in the world. I came across this headline: Man beats girl over who was first at McDonalds. What is wrong with this world!? Come on, how sad is this? Really, I know McDonalds has great fries, but do we really need to start attacking people, that are also trying to get this greasy treat? According to the article in the Associated Press a man cut in front of a sixteen yr. old girl and her five yr. old niece, when he was confronted by the elder girl he began punching her in the face numerous times. Obviously this man is disturbed!!! I just cannot imagine a person doing such a thing to another person; over who gets to order their food first. But hey it takes all kinds of folks to make this world turn, right?

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Everything is changing. People are taking the comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.

Will Rogers

I like this quote due to the absolute realness of what is being said. How sad a day it is for our country when a quote such as this is so true. I look at the current ‘rat race’ that will decide the fate our our great nation and cringe. Who is to be taken serious? Between all the finger pointing and dirt slinging it is how to decipher. I am at the point where I almost would like to see some comedian shipped off to the helm of our country. It is time for serious business when our banks are failing and our economy is in need of resuscitation. So I say “hey candidates get serious!” We are in desperate need of someone that is ready to roll up his sleeves and dive on in to serious business.

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Bravo!!! Bravo!!!

Attention! May I please hear a round of applause to the North Wind also to : Ashley Harwood, Anders Gillis, and Emily Schmitz. Cudos to you and the way you have stood up for your beliefs. It is about time that those who read the North Wind can read some responsible, well wrote opinions concerning our next Vice President Sarah Palin. It was almost stomach turning reading the articles about Palin in the last edition of the paper. Your opinions are clear, consistent and well voiced. People need to know the real truth about Palin, not some drummed up, uninformed opinions. I too love the idea of Palin serving at the helm of our great country, she is the fresh breathe of air our country cannot seem to get. Palin’s strong stances, her faithful conviction is such a welcomed change to the flip floppish politics as of late. Scary and Frightening were words used to address such a great woman… how inconceivable. Let me tell you what is scary and frightening… the fact that many Americans are being misled and misinformed, and they are loving it. The need for fresh blood in the water is so intense, people will literally rally around just to get a whiff. Come on America STAND UP!!!! Throw your heads back and shout!!! Let the people running these campaigns hear what it sounds like when we are tired of all the lies and misinformation. Get out there and dig deep, don’t be afraid to get dirty in your pursuit of truth and honor. At such a crucial time for our country let us rally around truths and the pursuit of truth. Let’s stop looking at what we think we know about politics, and let us instead turn our attention to what out country is so direly in need of…. fresh breathe, and who it is that will give that to us.

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  1. A divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to recieve and communicate sacred revelation.
  2. The action or power of moving the intellect or emotions.
  3. The act of influencing or suggesting opinions.
  4. The act of drawing in; specifically: the drawing of air into the lungs.

Source: Merriam Webster Dictionary


Over the weekend as I sat in front of a blank word document I kept saying over and over again “Amber what is your inspiration?”  How many people have been here before, looking for inspiration to hit them? So I looked up the word just to help get the creative juices flowing, in a sense looking for inspiration by looking up inspiration. When writing a paper or article one must always ask “will this writing help others, be an inspiration to others?” So now as I sit back and draw in inspiration, I am ready to compose my paper.

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Hef and the Girls

Recently there has been alot of speculation about Hugh Hefner and his girls, it has caught my attention because I happen to like the girls. Mr. Hefner has done alot for the girls and their careers, but they have also did alot for Hef. After his wife abandoned him, he was alone and sad. So of course all these gold diggin girls were around him looking to use him any way they could. How sad a day when people can’t make their own way in life that they have to leach onto some lonely rich man looking to fill a void. So along comes Holly, Kendra, and Bridget, they truly care about Hef, and the entertainment society being what it is can’t handle genuine feelings, take and make it into a three ring circus by making these accusations that the girls are out shopping around on Hef. From what I have seen The girls are a tremendous help to Hef by filling a void in his heart and life, so leave them alone and get a life. Besides yes the girls are young and we all know they can’t all three marry Hef, so inevitably the girls will move on to marry and have kids but for now they are happy, Hef is happy and I think that’s all that matters.

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Breathe Taking

Photo Courtesy of


I absolutely love this picture. How beautiful nature is. God is the ultimate artist, next to His creations there are none to compare. When I look at pictures such as this I am reminded of God’s eternal love for us. Wow! How can one look at something so breath taking and beautiful as this and doubt His existence?

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Look to this Day!

Listen to the Exhortation of the Dawn!
Look to this Day!
For it is Life, the very Life of Life.
In its brief course lie all the
Verities and Realities of your Existence.
The Bliss of Growth,
The Glory of Action,
The Splendor of Beauty;
For Yesterday is but a Dream,
And To-morrow is only a Vision;
But To-day well lived makes
Every Yesterday a Dream of Happiness,
And every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope.
Look well therefore to this Day!
Such is the Salutation of the Dawn!


I really love this quote. While reading this quote one cannot help but to get excited about life. Oh to truly believe! Everyday can be filled with the great hope of things to come. There have been times when I felt there was no hope, nothing to be gained with the dawn of day, what a sad existence that was for me. Somewhere along the way either hope found me or I found it. Now everyday I wake to the splendor of life, and the great adventures and beauty that is to be found if one is willing to look to the bliss of growth! So look to this day, and all the beauty, growth, and the life that is within.

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Melon Bust

While reading the North Wind this week I came across this article, and I couldn’t believe what I read. Are we serious? To fight hunger we get a bunch of melons and waste them? Which make me wonder… should the waste of melons be the right kind of thing while trying to help those that are in need of food? Sure it’s fun and great way to get messy, but isn’t it such a waste, can they not find something else to use rather than a food item to help raise the can food items for the needy? I commend these students for trying to help those in need, I in no way want to talk down about them, I just wish they could find a better source for raising the cans of food.

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·         To confront or defy boldly dispute.

·         Especially as being unjust, invalid, or outmoded.

·         To arouse or stimulate especially by presenting with difficulties.

·         To make or present a challenge.

·         A summons that is often threatening, provocative, stimulating, or inciting.

Source: Merriam- Webster’s

Collegiate Dictionary

Eleventh Edition

Over the course of this semester people may wish to challenge opinions and thoughts within my blogs. It is my sincere hope to challenge the thoughts others may have about beliefs that are near and dear to my heart, in essence my very soul. Hopefully my blogs will challenge not only your thoughts, but mine as well. Your challenges will be welcomed by me with an open mind, as I hope mine will be welcomed by you. There is a whole world of knowledge to be gained by taking a chance and stepping out from the pack and letting your voice be heard, which inevitably means being challenged.










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A Higher Power

Is there something greater than ourselves watching over us from above? This picture provokes one’s curiosity. To think someone or something is watching over our lives. Do they hear my prayers, see my deeds: the good, the bad and the ugly? How awesome it would be to know the answers to these questions. Imagine if you will that every time you are ever in need of comfort, direction, or protection, you can look above to a power greater than anything imaginable here on earth. There are times when just the everyday hustle and bustle can bring a person down, the loss of a loved one, a difficult class, or worries about money can shake you to the core of your being. In times such as these you need to draw on strength outside of the natural, something that is supernatural. What a comfort to know that in the heavens above there is help to be found, protection in times of trouble. We have no real way of knowing for sure. But there is always that glimmer of faith within us all that knows there is a higher power above watching out for each of us.

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News Opinion of the Week

On the editorial page of The Mining Journal’s Sunday edition there was an article about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s flubs on questions about abortion. Here is just another politician saying what they think the American people want to hear. What a refreshing breath it would be to see a politician stand up and say what they really think on any one subject, votes be damned. Instead they pussyfoot around with distorted views and mixed messages. So fine, I will step up and say my view on the subject of abortion. Abortion is wrong. Under any circumstance it is wrong. From the time of conception that child has a soul. The sacrifice of children to the harsh gods of convenience, economy, and whim continues in sterile medical facilities in numbers that would astound many. If we are to allow children to come to Christ (Matthew 19:14), we must first allow them to come into the world. There are some that would throw out “What about cases of rape and incest?”  Still even if a child is conceived in such a horrendous manner, is this child not a person, with a soul? Even then cases such as conception by rape and incest are few and far in between. Most abortions are due to the facts of: teenage pregnancy, career ambitions, and unwed mothers, loss of a relationship, or lack of money to care for the child. Whatever happened to birth control by means of contraceptives, verses birth control via a five minute procedure that kills a life? Should a woman find herself in the difficult position of an unwanted pregnancy there are other options out there for her and the child, adoption for instance. There are many couples in this world that would love the chance to become parents, yet they cannot conceive a child of their own. Give this innocent person inside of you the chance to be born, allow the child to be adopted by loving people that would look at him or her as a gift from above, rather than the mistake of one reckless night, or in some instances a horrific happening. One could go on and on but for the sake of time I will stop here.

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Remember This…

Remember this. When people choose to withdraw far from a fire, the fire continues to give warmth, but they grow cold. When people choose to withdraw far from light, the light continiues to be bright in itself, but they are in darkness. This is also the case when people withdraw from God.


I like this quote because the level of simple truth that is expressed. Yes I know many will have other opinions, which I welcome, but I am going to say this anyways. So that I know I have stood true to God and myself. If our country would stand firm in this belief, we will see a huge change wash over our country. Should we become so bold as to step out of the darkness and into the light, we shall see the light comes from a fire that was ignited at the birth of our country, and that fire is our belief in God. That we cannot have separation of God and State, we cannot, we should not have separation of God and humankind. For God is the fire that warms us, the light that shines for all to see the very human essence of all. Without this fire, this light we would be out in the wilderness, aimless, without light and fire to warm us and guide us. In this way destruction lies. Now I turn this over to you, saying only this first, With God for us… Who can be against us?

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Free Bus Rides

Recently there was an article in the North Wind that caught my attention. There is a program here on campus that allows students and staff to ride the MarqTran bus for free. This program is funded by Northern for students, faculty and staff. It is a wonderful program for those concerned about gas prices, parking and the environment. Even though I have a vehicle, I ride the bus daily, due to my concerns about the previous stated issues. Intitially I had concerns about the wait time for rides to various places, also about time conflicts. I am sure many have these concerns, along with other concerns. In my findings I must say I am impressed by the buses, the drivers, the overall program. It is a wonderful way of saving money, not having to pay the 150 dollar parking fee, also saving the environment by taking more cars off the road. A person meets all sorts of people from different walks of life on these buses. There is always some good conversation just waiting to be sparked. A person has the time to study material before and after class on the ride. I have even started to ride the bus to other destinations other than campus, you can go all over Marquette and the surrounding areas. The drivers are great at helping you to find the routes you need to get where you want to go. This is just one of the many programs our school has out there to help students succeed. A dollar saved is a dollar for something else you may need. So hop on the bus and give it a go, you may just find alot of your apprehensions are unfounded, I know that I did.

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A glimpse into me…

  Hi my name is Amber, I am a freshman in college. I am a 30 yr old single mom that is in school to become an evening news television anchorwoman. I enjoy writing about what is going on in the world and sharing it with others. I am someone who is compassionate and shows compassion everyday. I seek out the unknown and explore all possibilities. I have opinions and views that I feel can identify with people of all walks of life. I have lived many lives in this life alone. There are times when I have cried to the heavens above, times when I have celebrated victory, times when I have mourned loss.Through it all I have remained strong and have endured. Now I stand ready for all that is to come. I am a believer in humanity, a fighter for the weak, I am a champion of people. I have that special gift only God can give. This is just a little glimpse into me… you’ll have to come back for more. Thank you.

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